Pre-Pub Novels

These are PDF downloads (until such time as new VAT regulations governing such products become clear). For your sensibility Gary’s novels are rated in the same way as movies, ‘U’ (‘Universal’), ‘PG’ (‘Parental Guidance’) and ’18′ (‘Over 18′s only).
N.B. Being over age 18 is required to order via pay-pal. If you would like a printed version of any of my pre-publication novels, or PDF versions on a CD, please mail me for a quote.

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  2. Olive says:

    I h8 my life, will u help me out bcause carrie bradshaw stole my boyf and im well upset lol i turned to alcohol and stuff nd i think im addicted oh well lol xxoxoxox

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  5. David Knight says:

    IMHO the Miniatures from Warrior are an often over looked source of good figures, you have to have a bit of a rummage through the listings but well worth it.