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‘Listen Up’ is a page to bring you samples comedy from Gary and chums. Would you like to know more? Go buy the records…

Lockdown? Exams cancelled? Well kidz, take a look behind the scenes at an exam moderators meeting – and what happens if you wish to query your calculated grade:- ‘Moderation In All Things’, ‘Game Of Grades’. Both tracks are from ‘Lockdown’ by Angela’s Tortoise.

With the current political situation up the swanney here’s a previously unreleased track from Radio Boscombe ‘Election’. Enjoy!

One we can’t play on the radio – to promote Ravenhell’s CD Anne Bronte’s Beach Party Anthems’ here’s ‘A Picture Of Doreen Grey’ . And here’s ‘Carry On Computing’ from the most recent ‘The Bronte Sisters – Hits 1962-1968’ .

Click here for The Algorithm Section stuff.


In memorial of the late Nick R. Thomas, here’s an example of his razor wit and timing, from Mickey Taping’s ‘1992 – How Was It For You?’ ‘Thrifty Bastard’


As Fordingbridge’s top ‘supergroup’ Radio Boscombe characters The New Forest Pit Ponies rapidly acquired a life of their own. To show their support for the ‘No 2 Purple Haze Campaign’ The Ponies are making available this exclusive track ‘Purple Haze’ from their award-winning album ‘Three Legged Cross’. ‘Purple Haze’

Click to hear an exclusive safety interview with Ravenhell’s dedicated CPO, PC Reg Unwin of ‘Wessex Police’Anne Bronte’s Beach Party #2.

Radio Boscombe archival musical oddity I’ve Killed More People Than You (From ‘Broadway Dictators Of 1940’)

Here’s Laura Jerome’s top track Final Vow – which we’re campaigning to be next year’s UK Eurovision entry.


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