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Apr 2024 from Radio Boscombe’s release ‘Prog’ comes 01 – The Foursome.

Mar 2024 from Angela’s Tortoise’s charity release ‘Hibernia’ comes 01 – Why They Called It Omicron.

Feb 2024 from the Drunkards’ charity release ‘Archaeological Evidence’ comes 12 – Frogs.

Sept 2023 from Angela’s Tortoise release ‘…when I was a boy…’ comes 11 – The Heist.

Aug 2023 Radio Boscombe’s release ‘The Nomansland’. From that record comes 04 – Invention.

April 2023 Angela’s Tortoise’s release ‘The Wreck Of The Ella Fitzgerald’. From that record comes 08 – I Want To Be A Millionaire.

March 2023 from Radio Boscombe’s charity release ‘Beta Canon’ comes 06 – Exit From Brexit.

February 2023 Gary Mitchell’s ‘Only Myself To Blame’. From that record comes 01 – Rant Number One.

January 2023 from Angela’s Tortoise fourth album ‘Everyday Value’. From that record comes 17 – Government Information.

The December 2002 was from the final Drunkards’ album ‘Terminus’. From that album comes 13 – Slapstick.

The November 2022 release was The Drunkards’ singles compilation ‘Crime And Deviancy: A Sociological Perspective’. From that album comes the last ever single 18 – Little Does She Know.

The October 2022 release was The Drunkards’ ‘Sing Country’. From that epic piece of musique concrète here’s an extract Sing Country (Remix) (Extract).

The September 2022 release was Angela’s Tortoise’s ‘Teenage Wasteland’. From that collection here’s track 10 – Roger The Librarian.

The August 2022 release was Radio Boscombe’s ‘Consensual Fear’. From that collection here’s track 08 – The Witch Report.

The July 2022 release was The Drunkards’ archival ‘That One In The Eighties Everyone Forgets About’. From that collection here’s track 22 – Mixed Infants Sports Day (FX Mix).

The June 2022 release was Mickey Taping’s archival ‘J’Accuse’. From that collection here’s track 29 – The End Of The Film.


Exams cancelled? Well kidz, take a look behind the scenes at an exam moderators meeting – and what happens if you wish to query your calculated grade:- ‘Moderation In All Things’, ‘Game Of Grades’. Both tracks are from ‘Lockdown’ by Angela’s Tortoise.

With the current political situation up the swanney here’s a previously unreleased track from Radio Boscombe ‘Election’. Enjoy!

One we can’t play on the radio – to promote Ravenhell’s CD Anne Bronte’s Beach Party Anthems’ here’s ‘A Picture Of Doreen Grey’ . And here’s ‘Carry On Computing’ from the most recent ‘The Bronte Sisters – Hits 1962-1968’ .


In memorial of the late Nick R. Thomas, here’s an example of his razor wit and timing, from Mickey Taping’s ‘1992 – How Was It For You?’ ‘Thrifty Bastard’


As Fordingbridge’s top ‘supergroup’ Radio Boscombe characters The New Forest Pit Ponies rapidly acquired a life of their own. To show their support for the ‘No 2 Purple Haze Campaign’ The Ponies are making available this exclusive track ‘Purple Haze’ from their award-winning album ‘Three Legged Cross’. ‘Purple Haze’

Click to hear an exclusive safety interview with Ravenhell’s dedicated CPO, PC Reg Unwin of ‘Wessex Police’Anne Bronte’s Beach Party #2.

Radio Boscombe archival musical oddity I’ve Killed More People Than You (From ‘Broadway Dictators Of 1940’)

Here’s Laura Jerome’s top track Final Vow – which we’re campaigning to be next year’s UK Eurovision entry.


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