Current Comedy

british_comedy_guide_logo_squareGary’s done a lot of this. Some of it’s even funny.

In this section you’ll find details of his various groups and solo work. For comedy in the years before 2007 see Gary’s Previous Life (To 1996). For the years after, look at the relevant page(s) in this section.

We’ve had fans express an interest in getting these tracks as downloads. At the mo just email and if you pay your three quid for the album (no postage natch) we’ll email them out to you. All Angela’s Tortoise, Ravenhell and The Algorithm Section CD’s already digitised for download.Mail @ .  

Latest release – The Algorithm Section’s ‘Recollections May Differ…’ – see Recordings.
Latest charity release The Drunkards’ ‘Don’t Let The Bastards Grind You Down ?’ CD – see Charity Offers.
Latest archival release – Radio Boscombe CDs Do Not Adjust Your Brain (De Luxe Edition)– see Recordings.

Currently working on: material for and with Ravenhell, The Algorithm Section, Angela’s Tortoise, and archival based projects…


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