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This is the page where Gary’s friends, collaborators, and associates and share links and info. But only if they want to. CONTACT GARY @ .

For live vids and MP4s visit Gary’s YouTube channel.

For want of a better location, here are the sleeves of compilations and ‘other act’ releases, with which Gazza has been involved. Chronological order, natch. For deets and ordering visit Recordings, Charity Offers and Freebies:-

barry1cropped Bon vivieur Barry the Hedgehog used to live under Gary’s shed, where he spent most of his time drinking Jack Daniels and circumventing Mrs Mitchell’s ‘behaviour expectations’. Read Barry the Hedgehog’s Blog Pt 1 Barry the Hedgehog’s Blog Pt 2 for his adventures as a ‘bad influence on Gary’ (sic). Barry is the hedgehog your mother warned you about!

Gary also has some eclectic American pals in the radio program(me) . They’ll be casting stuff too from his various nefarious activities. Do check them out – also on Facebook (isn’t everyone?) 🙂

Nick Caulkin – award winning Birmingham comedy scriptwriter, calligrapher and sometime Radio Boscombe member can be contacted via .

The late Nick R Thomas was a comedy pal with Anne Lydon and Gary in ‘Mickey Taping’. His site was . Rest in peace, Nick.

ttcJonathan The Jester, Pixie Jester and all at ‘The Wessex Community Circus’ who do such a wonderful job entertaining and inspiring young people. Available for events large and small. Both are Radio Boscombe alumni, and Jon is also a founder member of The Algorithm Section.

Chris Chelu – writer of humorous plays for semi-pro dramatics

anneAnne Lydon is a comic poet and genius, and sometime Radio Boscombe alumni. Her DVD/CD is currently sold out.

lozniAs well as being a Radio Boscombe alumni, Loz Jerome (seen here with comedy legend Neil Innes) is a DJ and musician in her solo career. She’s also involved with Ravenhell.

Andrew White is a stand-up fast rising through the comedy ranks with an act that’s ‘not to be missed’ (Daily Record​). Andrew performs all over the country at various clubs, festivals, and corporate events throughout the year. Most notably, he’s taken three successful shows to the famous Edinburgh Fringe. He’s also involved with Ravenhell.

An up and coming young film maker is Philip Pagett – check out his website – he’s had films exhibited in Belgium, and at the Edinburgh Fringe.

A lady who needs no introduction is Kimari Raven – she also presented Gary’s ‘Verbal Arts’ show on Livewire Live and was involved with Ravenhell.

Archie Andrews is a member of The Algorithm Section with Gaz and Jon.

His own projects, The Foxy Joggers and The Cleft Parrots, also does comedy. Gary was an occasional member of The Joggers as ‘Justen Le Beaver’. Currently no website. One album – available free here A Mole On Linoleum!.  

Rob Jerome is cartoonist and collaborator with Gary in the Trigger The New Forest Pony books.

He also trades his own cartoons and merch as ‘Norman The Fox’ , who can also be found on Facebook; and has a merch page here Norman The Fox Merch.

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