Radio Boscombe – ‘Live At ‘Hope FM’


A collection of improv, sketches and comedy classic covers! See Radio Boscombe page.

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Track listing: 1) George’s Statement 2) Waste Your Licence Fee II 3) Vocational Guidance Counsellor 4) Perfume Commercials 5) Court A Young Maiden 6) Merchant Banker 7) The New Forest Pit Ponies Xmas Single 8) Obama 9) Flying Sheep 10) Our Election Night Special Sketch 11) Myleene Klass 12) Edward Ross 13) Bournemouth Airport 14) Fridges 15) Anxious Nazis 16) 5:11 17) Expenses 18) An MP’s Poem 19) Scottish Maths 20) Improv Politics


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