RADIO BOSCOMBE ’88-89 FM – The Best Of The Late Eighties’ (2010)


Compilation! Over an hour of the best material from the groups previous incarnations, 1988-1989. 'Parental advisory' due to occasional colourful language. See Radio Boscombe Page .

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TRACK LISTING: 1) Railman Blues 2) Trailer 3) A Flick Round The Dial 4) A Day In The Life Of An Ex-RADA Student 5) A Right Bolognese 6) Bimbo Rap 7) Breakout 8) Aerosols 9) He’s A Goldfish 10) Condom 11) Nescoffee 12) Not In Front Of The Goldfish 13) Break A Leg 14) I’m A Catholic 15) Letters 16) Treaty 17) Wood Green Shopping City 18) The Clipboard Mafia 19) Napoleon 20) The Neville Chamberlain Story 21) Sixties Guitar Song (With Profound Lyrics)


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