‘And Now For Something Completely… Similar’


An exclusive set of all-star Monty Python covers and interpretations in aid of ‘Comic Relief’ 2011.

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Track listing: 1) Opening Monty Python Signature Tune 2) RADIO BOSCOMBE – Vocational Guidance Counsellor (Live) 3) PROJECT X – Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life 4) RADIO BOSCOMBE – The Restaurant Sketch (Live) 5) THE DRUNKARDS – Argument 6) RADIO BOSCOMBE – Constitutional Peasants (Live) 7) THE DRUNKARDS – Blackmail 8) RADIO BOSCOMBE – Edward Ross (Live) 9) ANTHONY FAIRWEATHER– Ikea Song (Galaxy Song) 10) GEORGE ATTWILL – Cheese Shop Sketch 11) RADIO BOSCOMBE – Playwright’s Son 12) THE DRUNKARDS – Hell’s Grannies 13) RADIO BOSCOMBE – Flying Sheep (Live) 14) ANTHONY FAIRWEATHER – I Hate MPs (I Like Chinese) 15) RADIO BOSCOMBE – Travel Agent Sketch (Live) 16) THE DRUNKARDS – Merchant Banker 17) HEIDI ATTWILL – Party Hints (Live) 18) ELVIS DID NOT STAR IN THIS PRODUCTION – I Want To Have Babies 19) RADIO BOSCOMBE – Mice Men (Live) 20) THE DRUNKARDS – The Lumberjack Song 21) RADIO BOSCOMBE – Transgender Nudge Nudge (Live) 22) ELVIS DID NOT STAR IN THIS PRODUCTION – The Parrot (Short Version) 23) GARY MITCHELL – Politics Apology 24) Closing Monty Python Signature Tune


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