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Hard copy only books. See also http://spacevixensfrommars.com/ for my games selection.

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  2. Olive says:

    I h8 my life, will u help me out bcause carrie bradshaw stole my boyf and im well upset lol i turned to alcohol and stuff nd i think im addicted oh well lol xxoxoxox

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  5. David Knight says:

    IMHO the Miniatures from Warrior are an often over looked source of good figures, you have to have a bit of a rummage through the listings but well worth it.




  6. David Knight says:

    MotaroKin Centaurus, Tehnolog Fantasy Battles miniatures


  7. The New Ice Warriors!

  8. David Knight says:

    Will re-enter the bits business..

  9. David Knight says:

    Dan Dare is back so does that mean 1950’s prices at the petrol pumps

  10. Goorpopemuh says:

    This certainly answered my issue, thank you!

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  11. aussie sheila says:

    G’day Gary- I’ve been out of touch with the doings of the Federation since I left but did catch up with a couple of members recently and heard some stories.

    Get in touch- love to hear what you’ve been up to!

  12. David Crook says:

    Hi Gary,

    Yowsah! I am really interested in your naval. Rules that is…;-) Seriously, I have been mulling generic sets (or rather ‘Universal’ sets) of rules for some time. I have seen these for land rules but not for naval. Very intrigued and looking to see some of the ship specs you have come up with so far. One of my first thoughts though was hexes – I reckon these would work really well with hexes.

    All the best,


  13. David Knight says:

    His Majesty’s Dragon (Temeraire #1) by Naomi Novik is IMHO a Gr8 idea a good change of tack as to when; where and why dragons should be used in wargames?

  14. David Hamilton-Williams says:

    Dear Mr Gary Mitchell,
    May I thank you for your wonderful article on the Perry Travel Wargame. Could I ask a favour? Could you let me know the scaled down divisions that you listed in your army list and their command figures? Also in your game at what point do the Prussians appear?
    Like your good self I too was influenced by the Waterloo film in 1970, I was an assistant Cinema Manager with Odeon (Rank) cinemas then. I am 70 years old and spent a lifetime in studying Napoleonics since then, I wrote two books “Waterloo:Perspectives” and “The Fall of Napoleon” in the 1990’s. I have been disabled since 1983, due to a spinal injury and I’m clinging on!
    I hope you are not offended by my request, but from your blog website you seem to be a very kind and helpful person.
    With kindest regards, as ever,
    David C Hamilton-Williams

    • Hi David

      Thanks for your message – glad to help. Thus far we’ve let players pick their own brigades. As the game seems to work well I shall be buying extra sprues to make more troops and maybe then have fixed divisions. The Prussians appear at a random time, and from a random direction, which seems to work well in a ‘Waterloo’ context. Some players have gone for cavlary divsions, and some for mixed. It certainly seems to be first an artillery duel, but know doubt tactics will evolve.

      I hope you find this helpful


      Gary M.

  15. david barry DRING says:

    Hi Gary, The book I’d like written would be about the sheer corruption of both the eldest born in my family and at the same time as the government and how I could not sue and this had been how I would handle such deep emotions in the past: to cover Police Targets – Theresa May’s u- turn on collective bargaining – Immigration and Housing Associations – Digitalisation and how the younger generations believe more in David Ike than the globalisation politics of today: The betrayal left me with no where to live until the 11 year. I saw a different M.P. every year: one piece of protocol stopped them from assisting me that of – not really in my constituency. The Lib Dems put forward a minimum anyone should be living on £10K I’can’t tell you how I wished that had gone ahead.
    Jean Hansard.

    • Interesting. The first thing would be to plan the plot and aims. To fictionalise it would probably need a dystopian setting. You would need some conflict amd resolution to the tale too. Every novel needs a good story to tell

  16. david barry DRING says:

    Hi, this is what has come up in response: I’m looking to highlight the power invested in the first born and how the dynamics change as soon as the King and Queen of the family pass on: In Gladiators Ceaser tries passing on his mantle to his best gladiator and his son takes this badly and smothers his father Caesar and tries to have the chosen one killed. It’s as if Rome is in every family when money comes in to play. I wish to tell what has happened to me using Shakespeare and the wiliness of Brutus’ friend who sees Brutus can be chanlled into turning against caesar and that caesar loves him. Dickens Little Dorrit – Shaken out of destinies dice-box – just how I felt.
    Thank you for you suggestions – keeping me thinking.

  17. Gary Walling says:


    I have had several emails to you about booking Attack 19 ‘bounce back’ as undeliverable. Have you changed your email?